Our bases

Deuterium utilises primary bases in three continents.

Deuterium utilises primary bases in three continents.

Deuterium operates out of multiple bases in three continents, flying to six. These bases are typically used for night stops, refuelling, and hubs.




Farnborough airport is the main base for Deuterium, with all aircraft but the A310 based out of it. With easy access to London by car, train, or helicopter, Farnborough is ideally suited for travel into the London region and the South of England.

Deuterium operates out of the main terminal building at Farnborough.


London Luton

London Luton airport is the base of the A310, and offers excellent transport links into both London and the midlands. Other aircraft in the fleet frequently are based from Luton.

Deuterium uses the services of Signature at Luton.


Biggin Hill

Mainly used to serve the Kent area, Biggin Hill offers very quick routes into London as well as the South East.

Deuterium uses the services of Signature at Biggin.



Shannon is on the West coast of Ireland, and is used for refeuling on trips where performance dictates it is needed.

Deuterium uses the services of Signature at Shannon.

United States



Teterboro offers very quick access to New York, only being twelve miles (19 kilometres) from downtown Manhattan. When operating in the US, Deuterium aircraft will typically overnight and use Teterboro for East coast operations.

Deuterium operates out of Signature Flight Support West.


Hayward Executive

Situated in San Lorenzo, Hayward Executive is a mere fourteen miles (23 kilometres) from the centre of San Francisco. Hayward Executive is Deuterium's gateway airport into the Pacific and the west of the United States.

Deuterium operates out of App Jet Center-Hayward.



Tashkent International

Tashkent is typically used as a night stop or for refuelling for routes into Korea, Japan, Singapore and more. Tashkent International is located less than two miles (3 kilometres) away from the centre of Tashkent.

Deuterium utilises the services of RusAero.


Kansai International

Kansai International offers 24/7 handling, allowing flights to arrive and depart at any time, as well as having slot flexibility. Kansai is also well suited to domestic Japanese operations to Tokyo as well as Naha, and further into Australia.

Deuterium uses the services of Universal Aviation at Kansai International.



Douala International

Douala is used as a fuel stop, or as a night stop, when operating from Europe to countries in the south of Africa or the Indian Ocean. It is also used as a hub of operations when conducting multiple flights in Africa.

Deuterium utilises the services of iJet at Douala.